Why is travelling exciting?

“Why do you want to make a journey”: I asked an older man at the holiday event for special travels last weekend in Amsterdam. He felt a bit overtaken but then replied: “I long for new experiences”. He worked hard in his life and within a few months he will retire.
“What does it promises you when you have new experiences”: I asked him. He looked at me with some confusion in his eyes. Then he replied: “it promises me that I will feel more alive”.
Why do we feel more alive when we are on holiday, especially when we are in new areas or strange cultures? The answer is like this: the moment we leave our comfort zone behind and enter a world unknown to us like Tanzania, we immediately kind of wake up and are moving our attention to the senses. comfort zone 44This happens by itself because leaving our comfort zone brings a sense of unsafety. The moment we feel unsafe we will turn to our senses. We will scan the environment to recover some of our lost control by getting knowledge of this new situation as fast as we can.
To be with our senses instead of  dreaming away in thoughts or thinking, somehow brings more aliveness in our body and soul. To be with our senses means we are more present where we are. Because we are more present we see more, hear more and feel more. The new, unknown food makes us taste more consciously and we are more aware of different kind of fragrances in the air.
Everything becomes more intens and we are able to enjoy more of life. And it has an abundance to offer.

This is why it is such a pity when we travel far but stay away from new situations and challenges.  Before you know it, your sense of excitement is down, your usual thoughts return, you see less, hear less and feel less.

Servan Ott Fotografie - Tanzania 17-12-2013 - 08-01-2014-6096Mindful Adventure will guide you on a tour where you are stimulated to stay with your senses. Our staff are Masaï. They walk with us, eat with us, sleep with us and they are supported by us to be themselves and to serve you in their own way. And we wish for you to discover how being present where you are, will bring aliveness back in your body and create warm encounters with people. And for sure we hope to hear you say at the end of your journey, that this safari truly has been a real adventure.

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