Waka Waka share the sun

For weeks the problem of a failing network and electricity is disrupting the communication between Tanzania and Holland.  Every day Msafiri is out of reach for hours. And when he is online I have to wait one to three minutes to get his message on WhatsApp (E status). It is driving us crazy sometimes.
I left a battery at his home but when electricity keeps failing, off course he doesn’t have much use of this solution. Msafiri also lacks light after 7.00 pm. Reading a book is impossible and talking with others is a dark affair.
When I am in Tanzania we are always fighting for the use of an electricity source. Most of the time Msafiri wins.

Then I bumped into the WakaWaka foundation, a non-profit organization that develops strategies to make sure that solarproducts are available to the poorest people in the world.  They use their profits in the West to do so. It is a nice combination of entrepreneurship and development.

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