From the little village Endonyowas in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands to famous Lake Natron you will find an old Masaï trail. The uniqueness of this trail is the diversity of the landscapes that pass. During four days you will walk through different kinds of landscapes: Depression, Forest, Crater, Desert and the trench of Great Rift Valley. You will walk this trail like Masaï do; by foot, with donkeys, sleeping in tents, warmed by the fire and accompanied by our lovely Masaï friends.

DSC_0224 kleinWe just returned from our last Safari. Our clients were moved by the loving relationship we clearly build with Masaï, which made it possible for them to truly meet and travel with Masaï in an surprisingly open and cheerful way. Mindful Adventure came alive because of this relationship with Masaï. They are the Heart of our Ngorongoro Seregeti Safari. Msafiri and me did not stay distant. We visited their bomas, we slept in their houses, we laughed and cried with them and we allways returned. Every visit builded on trust and love.

They are provided with an income in more then one way and some of them receive sponsoring for their studies from our clients, allthough they never asked.

Isn’t it a great feeling that your vacation is somehow contributing to a little village in Tanzania and their development?