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Safari Tanzania and meditation

Western people are in general very stressed. Our minds are in some sort of hyperactive state. On vacation we expect to relax more and enjoy ourselves. The strange thing is however that vacations are regularly reported in the top three of stressful events. We keep working until Friday afternoon and that evening we need to be packed and drive to the South of France in one night. Or we have neglected our loved ones for months for the sake of our boss and all complains and sufferings find a way out during our vacation. We tend to go on and on and on and we forget to take some moments in a day to be in contact with our inner world and slow down for a moment.

Nature is somehow bringing relaxation to most people, but nobody seems to know why this is. If you understand this effect, then you also begin to understand why we are so alienated of our peaceful, joyful essence.
Meditation is about bringing a deeper relaxation into our body and our mind. It is able to do that because it focusses consciously on the principle that makes us relax when we are in nature.
It will for sure make your Safari experience more profound and everybody can do it. It is basically very simple and once understood you will never forget it in your life. There is nothing floaty about it. On the contrary, it is unbelievably realistic.


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