Splashy clothes or a safari to Tanzania?

I am living around the corner of the shopping area of my hometown. I used to walk through that area many times a week. I never truly shopped there, I was of course not the shopping type. But every time I accidentally past by and my eye got caught by some trendy clothing, I bought it without even thinking twice. And I certainly did not allow a question popping up like: “Do I really, truly need this new hot item? Maybe I had enough trousers but not “that specific, great looking, flashy, striking trouser”.  I think through the years this habit costed me a crazy lot of money. Now was it worth it? Did it make me more happy, more wise? Let’s have a closer look at the issue.
Q: What exactly is a new flashy shirt or trouser promising me?
A: It will make me more attractive
Q: What exactly does it promises when I am attractive?
A: Men will notice me.
Q: What does it promises when men are noticing me.
A: They will desire me
Q: What does it promises when men desire me?
A: It will give me a thrill, a shiver of excitement
Q: What does it promises when I get a thrill?
A: This thrill makes me feel alive

This thrill makes me feel alive? And then to think that in reality I haven’t felt attracted to a man for the last 15 years. So why am I spending all that money on something that needs to make sure I get a thrill, which obviously has not been fulfilling for at least 15 years.

Suddenly that fancy trouser or shirt, that steady job, the boring fitness afternoons, the approving glance of a man did not feel so promising anymore. Time to drop it and go for some real experiences. Life brought me to Tanzania. Tanzania did not promise me an adventure, it is an adventure. 2013-07-19 13.21I jumped into this unknown world, knowing nothing, at first blind with my eyes wide open. I had no idea where this story was going, just followed the flow. It brought me love, laughter, adventure, new challenges, learning processes, despair, victory, insecurity, pain of the heart, cultural differences with people I love,  nature, new friends and lots of crazy new experiences. It did not promise me aliveness, I am alive. I always was alive. It is impossible not to be alive. Every moment my senses are ready, taking in the new, the unexpected, taking in more of life.


What we wish for you in 2016 is to take your bag and go to places you have never been before. Step out of the routine, step into a new world. Open up to new places, people, food, customs, rituals and so on. It will bring you real experience that will make you feel more alive. They will challenge you and show you new and rewarding aspects of yourself. To step into a totally different culture has the power to bring a new connection inside you. It is not always easy and…

it costs but for sure the fancy trousers and shirts and other material things cost you more…

Happy New Year to you all!!


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