Meditation and Nature

That moment you enter Ngorongoro you are welcomed by a land that is perfect in its wildness. You are looking at nature in its pure, uncultivated and authentic manifestation. It maybe is a beautiful day. The sunrays are shining through the arms of the trees and the forest is majestic in its wild appearance. Everything is haggard but still rooted into a deep silence and harmonious expression of life. The weavers, sunbirds and bee-eaters are flying up and down the shrubs, celebrating their life and their freedom. The grass is green and strong. And a nice breeze is caressing the flowers that pop up out of the grass.

If only you could calm your thoughts and feel part of that peaceful aliveness around you but your thoughts continue to talk to you like they always do. They are not needed at all in that moment but somehow they do not realize that and they go on and on and on. In daily life it helps you to be controlled, smart, quickly responding, social and therefore liked by others. It maybe helps you to get up in the morning, to reach your goals, to make your money and to communicate and share. But here in Ngorongoro it is okay to let them go to rest. And when they relax there is space to bring all of your attention to your senses. It is like something is opening inside when you see and hear and feel and smell the world as it really is. Somehow inside you it starts relaxing, like merging with the peace around you.

We do not realize that the world of our thoughts is a worry machine. And every time we produce a thought, the worry that is hidden in it activates our defense system which makes our body to contract. Thousands of thoughts every day create a chronical stressed body and behavior.

Meditation supports you to calm down the thoughts and to make a switch to your senses. Your eyes, your ears, your skin, your smell and your taste will show you that the world is most of the time a safe place for you. And when you begin to see this, stress will go and a deep relaxation will come into your mind and body.

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