Life without stress

Walking through Ngorongoro in Tanzania, while you’re looking and listening to the spectacle around you, you will see that the whole of existence is one relaxed movement. Trees are standing solid in the ground, rocking their branches a little. The rivers are flowing because the water is searching for the lowest level. The wind blows and birds are twittering and singing. Zebras are grazing and birds of prey are gliding through the sky. Only humans are walking around chronically stressed. And this stress is so familiar that they believe it is a normal condition.

Stress means that you experience a kind of threat.
Stress means that you experience a lack of safety.
Stress means fear and uncertainty.
Stress means you weapon yourself in an attempt to protect yourself.
Stress means preparing for tomorrow or heaven later.
Stress means the past is like a cloud around you. It is as if the past is shouting at you: “live me again, complete me. I am not finished yet”.
If your experiences in the past were not completed, they keep haunting you.

As long as you are full of stress it is very difficult to make space for nature around you right now, connect to the people around you right now, music that is played right now and the wind that blows right now.

To live without stress is not difficult nor impossible. During our safaris we will show you what is needed to relax more, wherever you are and no matter with whom you are. You will see, hear, feel, taste and smell more by using your senses the way they were meant to be. You will discover the adventure every day is, not because you met a lion today but because you discovered the secret of relaxation in Afrika.

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