There is a kindness in life

There is a kindness in life

Look around here
What do you see?

You see the mountains solid, rough, untameable, impressive against the sky
or green, hilly, gentle, protective and kind.

You see the rivers restricted, controlled, directed and calm
or playful, boundless, wild and free.
P1070037You see the trees rooted, passive, bored and unable to move
or strong, steady, stable and full of live

You see the sky cloudy, dark, foggy and smoggy
or clear, blue, shiny and infinite

Be around here
What do you hear?

You hear the wind grumble, pushy, raging and mad
Or whispering, gently and dancing around

You hear the silence say nothing, do nothing and be nothing
or peaceful, understanding, receiving and calm

You hear the leaves murmur, tremble and holding onto the tree
or crackle, singing and laughing in their freedom

You hear the lions crawl, jump, murder and mate
or yawn, spin, snore and relax

Photo by Adri de Visser

Photo by Adri de Visser

The real world is out there. Our senses are the bridge.

The moment we are busy with thoughts and feelings, we lose contact with our senses.
When we lose contact with our senses, we lose contact with real life, with reality right here and right now.
When we lose contact with real life, we will be lost in our own fantasy world, projecting our own fantasies onto the world.

Mindful in Tanzania means bringing back our attention to our senses, to real life. The wild nature will make it easier for us to become available to real life again. Servan Ott Fotografie -- Natuurfotografie - Workshops-5589And once available to real life, it is very possible that life will show its kind face, its harmony, its peacefulness and supportive presence. It can feel like coming home.
It is worth the try.

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