Iworry “One every 15 minutes”

Every safari we encounter Elephants; small ones, huge ones; Elephants alone or in groups; peaceful or tense Elephants. Elephants meeting Lions and challenging them. Elephants playing and splashing in the river. Elephants getting extatic when they jump in the waves at Sea. Elephants silently passing a Campsite by night, majestic and peaceful. Elephants protecting their babies in a loving way; getting them out of big holes, saving them from predators. It is impossible not to love them. You can not believe how silent these giants are. It is impressing.

olifant 1And Rhinos? We rarely see them. There are not many left in Tanzania. We saw ones two Rhinos in the famous Crater of Ngorongoro.
Both species are at the verge of extinction. Somehow the world begins to move around them. In Kenya thousands of people marched on the streets to call for governments to prevent this extinction. Also in America and Europe thousands of people demand leaders to give stiffer penalties and financial investment into anti-poaching measures. The motivating organisation behind these actions is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They have offices in Kenya, UK and USA.

24 October there will be a great March for Elephants and Rhinos at Washington DC. It is possible to give your digital support or you can donate to the Trust. To read more click here



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