How spacey is Mindful Adventure?

Before booking a client asked me on phone: “How spacey are you”?  I had to smile because from the perspective of meditation it is exactly the other way around. Not the one who meditates is dreaming but the one who is living his life on automatic pilot, without taking moments to see his thoughts, feelings, motivations, resistances and other mindmovements is far from realistic. The aim of any meditation is to make a very clear distinction between our fantasies and reality. Many people think they are sometimes fantasising. In reality we do it all the time and we are rarely aware of reality. ideaalbeeldWe project our fantasies without knowing it on the world outside. Sometimes when we discover that we are living in a dream, the pain of that discovery is huge. It can feel like our whole world is falling apart. That is why we mostly avoid to clear up our minds.

Many of our ideas, visions, missions, likes, dislikes and other ways we experience life, ourselves, other people and the world around us are basically shaped in childhood, yes in childhood. Do you understand what that means? It means that we drew conclusions, experienced feelings and modelled our behaviour from the point of view of a very limited child perspective. So it is not strange that we are so stressed as adults. We try to deal with the challenges of life with old strategies that can not possibly fit an adult. They limit us in every way. The old childish believes are like fantasies in our mind.

In meditation you will find they have nothing to do with the real you and your life right now. You can learn how to become free of them and see things as they really are.

So how spacey am I?
During a safari of Mindful Adventure I will take you step by step to see, hear, feel, taste and smell things as they really are. There is no better help then the wild nature of Africa to support that proces. At the end of your Safari you will understand what is needed to become more centred and realistic in your life.

By the way; this client booked our safari

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