Driving through the gate of Lake Manyara National Park we enter a typical Tanzanian forest. It is very nice but you do not see much animals of course. We start with a hippopool but far away we can nearly spot two hippos. But there was a group yellow billed storks, Egyptian goose and ducks. Then we headed for the hot springs. We saw a lot of Baboons, Vervetmonkeys, Giraffes, and Impalas on the way. But most impressing was a large group of Pelicans. And three Zebras eager to drink from the river cross that scenery and somehow it happens to be a beautiful sight.

Buffalo at Lake Manyara Tanzania

Buffalo at Lake Manyara Tanzania

When we arrive at the hot springs there is an abundance of aliveness coming to us. Thousands of Flamingos, hundreds of Yellow Bill Storks, thousands of Pelicans, a large group of Buffaloes, and a beautiful landscape with a mixture of warm colours giving a great ambiance to all these moving and feeding animals.

Emanyara is the Masai name for a shrub they use to make their fences. It is called Euphorbia Tirucalli. You will understand there are a lot of these shrubs at Lake Manyara.

Elephants at Lake Manyara Tanzania

Elephants at Lake Manyara Tanzania

Ten years ago the Park was famous for its many lions that climbed in the trees. They did this for the view and to protect their feet and claws from mud and slick. But most of the lions are gone. Msafiri does not know why. Maybe they died or they moved to Ngorongoro.

On our way back out of the Park we run into a large group of Elephants. We park the car and stop the engine. They were eating the leaves of trees but came closer and closer. Before we knew it they were walking close to our car, crossing the road, one after another. It was a bit scary but they seemed to be totally relaxed. Two of them started a sort of affectioned show which was lovely to see and two others started a fight. One of them came backwards with his butt straight to our car. I had to start the car to get out of there immediately.

It was a great day with beautiful and unexpected sceneries. A day to remember.

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