Where is our Bob coming from?

The story of our housecat

You can say many people did see a lot of photos of lion cubs over the years. And their appearance is very recognizable to all of us. The photo above shows its familiar and adorable face. As a child I was allways confused about the statement that a lion was a cat. In my childish perspective it looked more like a dog. I never spoke to people about that opinion because it was obviously not true for them. Even when I grew up I had still difficult feelings about the fact that a lion really was a cat. But today I accidentally ran into the photo below. And I stared at it and stared again. Yes a lion must be the earth mother of our ordinary, cute, sometimes crazy and very lazy housecat.

welpjeBut when I looked it up in Wikipedia, they tell me that our housecat is proven to be the descendant of a mix of three felines: Desertcat, Swampcat and African wild cat.

But other sites swear it is related to Hyenas… Hyenas?? Ever seen a Hyena cub? or even one speaks about ancestors like Sabertoothcat. To my surprise nobody mentions a Lion.

But to me from today on it is clearly, without any doubt a Lion. Right?

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