The most subversive idea of our mind

The cause of all your misery, is rooted in the idea
that you need “the other” to be happy.

What has this idea given you so far?

What I see….
is a trail of destruction through my life, your life and the world.

In fact, it hurts so much when “the other” fails to meet my needs, that this idea …

has created and sustained systems of oppression,
practized many forms of psychological manipulation and violence,
brought down billions of relationships,
has killed billions of people,
tormented and abused billions of animals,
dilapidated the planet.

Come with me to Africa.
In 14 days I show you garanteed, together with the wild nature, what you can do to come out of this terrible idea.

Your alternative is to be free,
Very scary, but no way out


Photo by Lizanne Croonen for Mindful Adventure

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