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Nobody home

“When the modern, western human knocks on the door of his own house, he will find nobody home”
Noam Chomsky

straatpuppies TanzaniaTwo little dogs

On my way to the supermarket, I see them sniffling around with their little noses in a termite mound. Two very small street dogs looking restless for food, just below the gate of my house. Nearby I see a cheap plastic bag. Aiaiai I think, but I manage to continue my steps. Luckily they don’t look bad. Their skin looks healthy but it is clear to me they have been dumped. I manage to keep going, I realize surprised, it is quite something. But did I really?

When I come back with my groceries they are sleeping on the big plastic bag, in which they have most likely been transported. My mind is overwhelmed with all kind of thoughts to what is going to happen to them. And it is already settled. One moment later I walk through my gate with 2 puppies, one under every arm. They were scared up when I grabbed them in their neck, trying to bite, escape, with panic in their very young eyes, trembling of fear. “No Alina, take them back”, Rama tells me through the phone, trying to talk some sense to me, because I already heave 2 dogs and 2 cats, lack of time, and of course there are costs. He is right, but I can’t do it.

puppies tanzania

Five weeks later, Sando’s dogtraining is starting. He is the trainer I am looking for and I am very lucky to have met him in Tanzania. He understands the dog’s mind well and is full of creative solutions to turn the dogs into fine companions and “program” them into guard dogs. He works mainly with rewarding them. No beating and no emotional disapproving. A disapproval is only saying no or down in a powerful way, that’s all. After that I let go of it, knowing that the result will come by repeating and not by wanting them to obey directly. When people demand direct approval from a dog, they usually start using violence, mostly by beating them. It is beautiful to see how in contact with the little dogs, the fear in contact is disappearing and they are also not abusing me. With abuse I mean that they don’t care about me. I am the boss, that’s clear.

There is no difference with our own mind

Well, now it comes of course.
There is no difference with our own mind. In exactly the same way, until the day of today, we are being programmed by keeping on repeating. This is good, this is not good. This will cause approving little laughs, this will cause an unsatisfied look. This calls appreciation and pride and that will cause disapproval or ignoring. That what we identify with, and what we call our personality, will finally be determined by the repetition of successful strategies. That is who I am. And when we suddenly act differently, we feel uncomfortable and we directly shout out: “this is not who I am. I don’t know that came upon me”.

I am what is being repeated mostly in me


Our brain is a fantastic bio-computer, programmed for A to Z. Mission: to secure your survival. It is a very intelligent system, well evolved and necessary to guarantee survival on this planet. But that brain does need a puppet player. An adult who understands that the brain itself contains no freedom and without him or her, will endlessly keep on repeating the same things. We see ourselves living with a lot of childish beliefs, feelings and behaviour, most of it programmed during our childhood, with miserable outcome. Just mentioning a few things: everybody needs to be hetero; nobody loves me; there is only one God and that is Allah; I cannot live without my man/wife; follow your feelings; women are secondary; don’t show yourself, because everybody will be running away; freedom is scary; I could go on endlessly.

Can I be in charge of that enormous brain, that has been programmed in such a powerful way? Can I keep staying when I am being pulled on all sides by the familiar fears, convictions and choices that are rusted up in me like old tight men and women who want to be in charge?
Do I dare to face how unfree I am when I keep on following the programs of my bio-computer and do I dare to allow the importance of making a choice as an individual to find back our own freedom?

Because without all of that, with all it’s good intentions, the brain has proved to be a destructive machine, constantly making the wrong choices, driven by childish beliefs.

Freedom is the most important goal
Without the desire for freedom, you will stay a victim of your robot-mind

During our safaris, during two weeks you will look into what is needed to understand your mind, and to become the puppet player of your own mind. The pure nature in Tanzania will be of great support with that.

At the end of those two weeks you will knock at the door of your own house, and find someone home

You can still join us:

  • July 30 – August 12, 2019. Departure guarandeed
  • October 6 – 19, 2019
  • December 17 – 30, 2019. Optional: extension Usambara Mountains (December 31 – January 3, 2020)

For more information: look here

Karibu Tanzania!

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