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quote stop comparingDuring a safari of Mindful Adventure we will show you a different perspective  on reality. No matter how strange it may sound to some people, we have learned incorrectly that we are a unique being, thanks to our unique thoughts, feelings and skills. We believe therefore, that we have to search for happiness on the level of our unique personality.
As soon as we believe that happiness can be found within the personality, we will do all we can to improve this personality. And when our personality changes our circumstances (love affair, quantity and quality of our friendships, work, houses, financial position) will improve.

quote happinessIt is very frustrating that acquiring happiness turns out less easy then we might hope. The lack of that coveted State of happiness becomes visible in the desires that we pursue during the day.
It seems like we are caught in a movement that goes from pain to pleasure. Any time we try to swim away from discomfort to situations of convenience, fun and preferably ecstasy as the contemporary Dynamics around “optimal” life shows. And if the day sparkles a little bit less, we will worry soon.

quote happinessUnder the spell of messages like “the secret” we exploded in a renewed enthusiasm to manipulate not only others but now even the universe to fullfil our wishes. Skills as positive thinking promise us that we get what we want when we do that.  Even enlightenment carries the ultimate promise to absolute love and absolute freedom.  We forget that every desire we cherish shows that we are not in connection with the completeness of who we are in essence. The longing for better and more comes from the mind and not your essence.

quote happinessAs soon as I open facebook, quotes come to me who tell me that I can achieve everything I want and that I may long for abundance and countless blessings. On this page you will find a number of examples. I am told that I am the creator and controller of my existence. On this page you meet some examples.

But I’ve learned one thing in my life. Everything I thought I knew and every law that I attributed to life sooner or later was defeated by its opposite.

Also I learned not to surround me with my own “kind” but to love whoever stands in front of my door, even when these people can not offer me what I think I need myself. 

quote get what you wantWe can achieve what we want, assuming that what we want to achieve will bring us happiness, which is a huge illusion. And in our quest for optimum life and happiness, alone or together, we believe that having a good feeling means we are on the right track. We might even believe we have melted with our essence.

Many quotes provoke  us to want even more and reach higher and higher. We are warned not to settle for less then the best that we deserve.

But happiness can not be found at the level of personality. This is because the driving engine under that personality, all our “characteristics (read patterns and habits) and skills manifest from the basic urge to survive. Every thought, every feeling, every wish or desire serves our own survival. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact it is what it is. Our mind is built to survive and what a great tool it is. Yet the moment we forget the mind is our tool and become its servant suffering will be there.
Luckily there is another quality present in us. Something so free and sweet, something so complete in itself, that survival and all fears and desires that are born with it can be recognized no matter what (nice) form it has taken.

The only thing we have to do is distinguish between what manifests itself from reality and what manifests itself from our own thoughts and feelings. Then determine what we believe. Do we believe what we think and feel or do we believe what we actually see, hear, smell, taste and feel with our own skin. Do we believe reality or do we believe what the survival machine tells us?

I think this is why I am attracted by the message of Jeff Foster. He smashes all suppression and nice images about life to pieces. He returns to a very simple message: to be present in full receptivity to all aspects of life of ourselves, to be curious about every colour, every taste, every eyesight, every sound and stay with it until it disappears on its own time. And accepting what comes up and accepting what needs to go. Receptive consciousness means to let go of everything you think you need to feel good.

quote happiness


Try to see it dear ones, this bizarre call of wanting more, more and more, to reach higher, and to hold on to the obsessive focus with what we think we want.

It is okay to relax in the moment. Finally rest, finally happy!



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