What makes us human? That’s the question of moviemaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand in the documentary Human. To find an answer he collected in three years emotional stories from over 2000 people from 60 different countries. Issues as love, war, homosexuality, forgiveness, family, life after death, happiness, immigration, and the meaning of life are central. masaï leiders

From the first second to the last my full attention is caught. Portraits are alternated with full screen shootings of groups of people in self-created mass parades, swimming paradises, football stadia, and mass- weddings in China.

Haunted faces appear, eyes that have seen, man can become a monster, their trust broken foregood. Human eyes which show men who have met the monster inside themselves. Human stories about innocence, struggle, rejection, powerlessness, fear, love and forgiveness. I see faces  and stories I recognize from Holland, from Africa. I see my own face, I hear my own story. masai vrouw

You could maybe enjoy what you see, be horrified, laugh or feel astound. But the way the images are shown and the heart opening music of Armand Amar, like the song The Storm sang in a vulnerable way, makes it easy to fill your eyes with compassion for every single human you get to meet. It makes you long to open your arms to embrace the deeply damaged soul of the human race.

masai meisje

Yann Arthus-Bertrand succeeded to give humanity a face, a vulnerable face. Bravo!

Photo’s of our Masaï friends in Endonyowas by Servan Ott for Mindful Adventure.

Click here for Trailer Human movie



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