shadows of fear

Everything is running away for us!

Last week I ran through the dunes near Overveen in Holland my usual round. I applied on a House with two long-haired tabby cats, whom do not recognize danger. Thus, they can end up under a car any time and are preferably bottled up inside all day. They are of course real cuddly cats. Everything which could resist against me, like my own housecat likes to perform, is bred out of this type of cat. A long-haired hangs in my arms every time when I feel like it. Soon I start unintentionally getting attached to this behaviour in an ego caressing way.

verschrikte ogen ree

Deer looks up disturbed

Anyway I ran through the dunes and in stark contrast to the temporary home situation, it falls upon me how everything with the name animal, runs from me as soon as I come jogging by. Birds, Squirrels, Ducks, Moorhens, Frogs are falling in silence immediately or do shoot under water. Deer and Roe deer look skittish at me and when it comes to foxes, I wonder if they still exist. It can really touch me by the throat, that sizzling fear field between the bushes and trees,  depending on where I move myself.

Hippo face to face

Hippo face to face

In Tanzania a real different story is going on. Of course, if a lion spots a Masaï, he goes off like a Hare. And right he is! And an elephant who suddenly comes across a poacher in the dead of the night will slip out as fast as he can. Yes, quietly with their sponge feet! Did you know that?

But walking through Ngorongoro Crater Highlands, flies an Eagle at five metres past me, lights an Hyena the road without demonstrating any shyness or some interest in our little group and Zebras are waving their tails looking at us with a cheerfull grin. Giraffes remain relaxed nibbling the leaves and a curious hippo remains straight in front of me during our Lake Tour. Golly, what an animals and how close we can get! Soon I am experiencing a feeling of unintentional excitement through my backbone. I start spontaneously enjoying all life around me, which clearly shows its own nature without fear.
To live without fear and without that eternal fear around me, wakes up a state of freedom inside me. That state of nothingness, where everything potentially becomes possible, so intensly that you almost get scared again. Almost … because is the potential that anything is possible really a threat right now or is this fear crawling up just the shade of an old memory? And what would happen if these shades of the past are fully welcomed by me?  What would happen to that fear if it found no resistance?

Relaxed we walk further to the Maasai village Bulati. Before a Manyatta four dogs are snoozing. Once our scents reach their nostrils, they jump up with the tail between their legs. I give them a wink!

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