African sunsets

It is often said by many, many people that Africa has sunsets like nowhere else in the world.

We travelled many years through Tanzania and we have been silently sitting together in Usambara Mountains. On a rock scary high above the plains of Nothern Tanzania we saw the clouds break, to give father sun its rightful place to show its power and its glory. Then the dark mouth of Hyena opened up and swallowed it all, leaving us behind with a peaceful mind.

Or we were sitting at the beach of Gombe National park with a divine temperature touching our skins. In front of us the sun turned the sky in a red/orange Walhalla, while the silhouette of a boat slowly entered a golden path in Lake Tanganyika.

Or the time we were sitting at lake Eyasi, after a wild hunting experience with Hazdabe Tribe, whom are the last true Nomades of Africa. The sun went down and at the supreme moment dozens of Small Egrets pop up, out of the reeds at our right sights, giving us a memorable moment to take home with us.



Or the time we drove with three tourists through Serengeti watching the sun go down, with the classical Umbrella trees waving their leaves goodbye to the sun.


Many photographers have captured the African sunsets much more fantastic then we did. Think of Andrew Schoeman, Steve Allen or Leanne Vogler. It is the finest Art of Nature.


by Steve Allen

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