A head on drift is no fun

A visitor during the holiday fair for special travel in Amsterdam said: “you are one of the few really special travel agents at this fair. I like that but why in God’s name do you want us to meditate during a holiday. I will already come to rest by itself “.
It is such a good and understandable question. Let me first ask another question to you before I try to give an answer.

What is a vacation or trip promising you?


Kipepeo Beach tanzania

Allow me to give a few possible answers here:
* to relax
* no duties or things to organize
* no need to think much or puzzling your problems out
* no worries
* no groceries, no cooking
* no more stress,
* having new experiences (environment, people, activities)
* letting things happen
* doing what you like
* more enjoyment

The first answers have more to do with coming loose from habits and patterns. The last ones have to do more with exciting and adventurous experiences.

I want the same things for sure, but I want these experiences not only on vacation. I don’t want my relaxation to be dependent on certain circumstances. I don’t want to come home from a vacation and find myself in a short time in the old, familiar, yet too familiar jacket with pockets full of worries. I want to be without worries, more relaxed, more joyful and more freely in my daily life.

What is going on with your head?
From a young age we are set extremely into our head. Most of us have paid a price for that over-stimulation. Your thinking became hyperactive. It’s going on and on and on throughout the day. You learned to live with it but in fact you can see it like this: your thinking has developed evolutionary like other human characteristics, with the aim to survive better on this planet. ruim hoofdIt is in this sense a tool. It’s like walking. Your legs make it possible for you to move. Once you have nowhere to go, you sit down. Then your legs can rest and relax. But if your legs keep moving while you sit, they are at drift.   Thinking is the exact same thing. You’ll need it for making plans and to achieve your goals, to do your job well, understanding the world around you and to communicate. But if it is not necessary to think and talk, your head should rest and you can enjoy the space and silence in your head. Indeed, it is your natural state. As soon as thinking is needed, it is automatically activated. You don’t have to worry about that.

Why is an overactive head no fun?


Mediteren in Empakai Krater

The problem is that a tool which exists to help you survive in the world, mainly deals with everything that threatens or could threaten your survival. And this means it is constantly in some sort of anxious tension. The slightest worry can push you into defense. Can you feel the tightness already on your chest if you let this image in?  To get out of that trap of an overactive mind it is important to understand what activates your thoughts and how they can calm down. What we are going to do during the safari works as a kind of reset. You understand immediately why it is valuable to be far from your own environment for 14 days. Your experience will go deeper. Step by step I take you to a clear view of yourself and what it takes to relax and yet at the same time feel more alive. The wild nature, space and silence help tremendously.

“The good news is that this inner journey will not disturb your holiday at all”, I say to the man on the holiday fair. “On the contrary you will enjoy this safari and your own life adventure more because your thoughts are not distracting you”.

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