9 Days Walking Beach Safari

Kilimanjaro Hills, Usambara Mountains, Tanga (Seaside), Ushongo Bay, Saadani Wild Park

The Heart touches the sky

The charming of Usambara, the ecstatic of Mambo World Viewpoint, the lively and playfulness of Tanga at Sea and the adventurous of Saadani game reserve are asking for extra attention with the heart. The goal is to spend one week walking around without a head; being in your heart, talking to others from your heart, shining from your heart and to keep your heart open no matter what.

The wounded heart
There is a considerable chance that you experience walls around your heart. The heart is protected from an early age, every time your needs were not met by other people. We tend to harden if we feel we come short. Now that you have grown up, you can recognize it is no longer necessary to close to your heart. The meditations and exercises support you in this choice you have.

Everything is allowed to be during this spectacular safari which you will be making with friends.

Day 1

You will be flying today to Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. We will pick you up and take you to Babylon Lodge in Marangu. Babylon Lodge is an artistic-looking hotel in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is fully equipped.

Day 2

In the morning we start with movement exercises or yoga. Then we take time to get acquainted and we will start the heartl program in a nice place. We have lunch in Marangu and afterwards we are moving to Lushoto in Usambara Mountains. You will spend your night in the Lawns Hotel. After arrival we will have time to explore the area and we will have a look at Irente Viewpoint.

Usambara MountainsDay 3

You start today with an outdoor morningmeditation. Afterwards you can enjoy breakfast. After breakfast our local guide Dennis Munga will join for your first walking day (15 km). After passing a village you will be brought to Magamba rainforest, which is the home country of the black & white Colobus monkey. You will experience  a profound heart exercise, eat the delicious Usambara guacamole for lunch and continue this beautiful walk through farmland and forests until you arrive at Papaa Moze Lodge to spend the evening. Your guide is Dennis Munga who was born and raised in Usambara and can be seen on the picture.

Day 4Usambara Mountains

After half an hour yoga and later breakfast your second walking day starts. You walk today by farmland, have a meeting with the local Shambaa tribe, will learn about medicinal plants, play with chameleons and enjoy extra of the mountains and the views using little tasks while walking. Somewhere that day we find a place for a special breath meditation on music. That night you will sleep in Magumba Hill Lodge.

Day 5

At your last hiking day you will start in the early morning with rhythmic exercises. After breakfast you will hike through the forests of Shagayu to the village of Sunga where you can sit together with the local people and eat a delicious lunch. Before or after lunch we will find a private place in nature where a special dialogue with yourself can take place. Later that afternoon we pass a pottery where you can learn to make a pot. At the end of the day you arrive at Mambo View point, which will the crown on your journey. The view of Tsavo in West Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Mkomazi National Park and the mountains is world class and we have a very big chance to witness a stunning sunset. You end the day with a drumming performance and lesson. Then you go to sleep in Mambo Cliff Inn.

Day 6

After your morning meditation at this beautiful viewpoint we get retrieved with the landcruisers and leave the mountains to drive to Tanga (2 hours). Tanga is a wonderful, lively town at the Indian Ocean. Strolling through the streets you naturally fall in love with the authentic character of streets and buildings, the markets, the merry parades of singing people or men playing a popular game on the street. A walk along the beach is also fine before crawling comfortably in the Panori Hotel under your blanket to rest after a challenging day.

Day 7

We often have painful messages  from our childhood on moving freely. What others will think and judge has blocked us to feel free to follow spontaneous impulses of the body. You will start your morning with a dance meditation on the beach, which is a pleasure for your heart. What you’ve learned last days in our program helps you to get free of the old restricting messages that it’s weird or even dangerous to move freely.
After this experience you are free to do what you like. There are several options to spend your time: you can lie on the beach and swim,  explore the town or choose to visit Amboni caves. These ten caves are formed 150 million years ago and cover 234 km2. Later today we go South to Ushongo Bay. There you will be sleeping at Drifters Lodge. Before dinner we can enjoy a Mindful meditation on the beach.

Day 8

A trip to Tanzania is not complete without a visit to a National Park with wildlife. The special feature of Saadani is the location by the sea. It is possible to see green turtles, whales and dolphins if we are lucky. In addition, there are wild animals like lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes and more. Ever see elephants play in the sea? They are fond of waves.
Please enjoy an aquatic treasure gamedrive in Saadani National Park.

Day 9

After a beautiful Mindful finishing touch, we bring you to Dar Es Salaam today to be on time to fly back home.

Karibu tena, Safari njema! Goede reis, you are always welcome!

It is possible to extend this trip with Zanzibar. Please contact Mindful Adventure.