Romantic camping at Ukerewe

Welcome to Ukerewe Island, the Green Pearl of Lake Victoria

We would like to invite you to spend a nice long weekend on Ukerewe at a little paradise.

After a boat trip of two hours with the ferry you set foot on Ukerewe. The car will be there to pick up your luggage but you will have the chance to make a nice walk through agricultural land to the campsite. Soon you will notice that the islanders take good care of their island. Everything is green and well maintained. That makes it an enjoyable place to spend a few days, especially when you feel the need to break with daily routine or spend some relaxing time with family or friends in a quiet, natural environment. Ukerewe is not a National Park and this makes it a cheap alternative for many more costful excursions in this region.

What to do here?

  • You can enjoy a simple way of living for a few days. You will be camping in lightweight tents close to the lake. The matrasses are comfortable. There is a toilet but no shower. Our cook will give you some hot water to wash yourself. There is a huge terrace with great view over the lake. The sandy beach is nice to relax or do some morning exercises. In front of the beach are shrubs growing in the water. They are the habitats for many, little birds that fly up and down. When you wake up in the morning a symphony of birds can be heard all around you. In the evening you can make a campfire on the beach. In the night it is totally relaxing to listen to the sounds of the waves dancing the heartbeat of the earth.
  • Enjoy a nice walk at the westside of the Island through a very nice, quiet forest (3 hours up and down) where velvet monkeys wash their pelt pretending not to see you. When you cross the forest you will enter a clean white beach. It is okay until today to swim here but if you don’t trust it, ask around or don’t do it.
  • Be sure to go for a bike over the island through lush, green fields to visit for example the big white house of the Chief. There is a nice garden around it. We saw some amazing, huge mushrooms here and a lovely family of owls.
  • Enjoy the skills of our cook, who will prepare some tastful meals. Please let us know if you need vegetarian food or a special diet.

map ukerewe


  • ferry
  • camping fee
  • complete camping equipment
  • a cook
  • all food and drinks (tea, coffee, water and juice)
  • transport for luggage and to the Westside of the Island
  • entree fee for the forest
  • renting bikes

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