reality or illusion

Reality or illusion, what do you choose?

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away”
Philip K. Dick

All day long your mind is talking to you, thousands of messages are passing by. It all works completely mechanical and automatic. They arise and disappear by itself. Regularly every day you get stuck to it because you believe in a certain thought that arises. Bam…. you’re being cought. For me there is no difference wether this is a positive or a negative thought. Both of them don’t nessecarily have anything to do with reality. For you it may mainly concern negative thoughts that you get stuck to, that are repeating itself, and are directly evoking annoying feelings and tend to make your life miserable.

If we feel unhappy too often, we quickly think of big events that are bothering us. It must be some trauma. Something terrible must have happened in our past. And yes, during therapy, a lot is coming up. We are not aware that much of what comes up is made up of distorted memories and even made up events and experiences. Bam… you’re being cought.

During his shows Rasti Rostelli regularly showed how people that had been offered a suggestion under hypnose, were – after the hypnose – making fantasised statements about a certain behaviour, following the suggestion. They for example received the suggestion that when Rostelli would clap his hands, they would open a window. After being asked why they were doing this, they would insist on the fact that it was very warm inside. Bam…. They were being cought by that thought.

Foto Wim Werrelman

But more often then a trauma, it’s the many countless small thoughts you are taking serious and following every day, that are making you and your life smaller, that block you in patterns and habbits, make you unhappy and even depressive or worse. Bam…. then you are really being cought. You are too fat, too thin, too beautiful, too ugly, too dominant, too docile, too sweet, too hard, too pefectionistic, too sloppy, too lazy, too nosy or too selfish.

Others are not caring enough or too caring, too absent and emotional unreachable, too claiming or just too free, unreliable or boring reliable. Society is just too …… It goes on all day long.

Your brain/mind is a survival program. It’s mission is to make sure you will survive on this planet. Your mind is foccused on your security and is seeing scary lions on the road all day long.
When you start watching your thoughts carefully, you will get it. The mind is a worrying machine. No wonder it’s so difficult to feel happy, really happy.

What do you choose, reality or illusion?
If all worries are based on truth, you better believe in them and act upon them. But what if this is not the case, what if 97% of the time all those messages from the mind with underlying worries have no single connection to reality? What then? Wouldn’t it be important to break through automatic following of all these small and bigger messages?


  1. Learn to see that your inner world of thoughts and feelings (your mind), is working in a mechanical, repetitive way and is often not connected to reality.
  2. Break through your fascination with the mind by comparing it to reality (that is manifesting itself in this moment).
  3. Learn to focus your attention to reality. What is here and now?
  4. Remember reality is true and every thought or feeling, not connected to reality, is not true.
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