Queen of the Hunt

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To be seen this fall world wide at National Geographic Wild

We are currently on safari but shortly before our departure this beautiful nature documentary by Jochem van Rijs was presented by VPRO. A good moment to give some special attention to the Cheetah!

Jochem van Rijs has been making nature movies for 20 years. Queen of the Hunt is his third Cheetah movie. He has been driving thousands of hours in an old converted Landrover 200 over the Serengeti in Tanzania,especially in the early hours of the morning, to avoid the tourists. In an interview with VPRO he says the cheetahs will not make it. Every year it is getting harder to find a Cheetah in Serengeti. Tourists have a Cheetah on their bucket list. Drivers are under high pressure and do everything they can to find the Cheetah. The tourists are followed by Hyenas and Vultures who are stealing the prey of Cheetah. The Cheetah hunts during the day and has a high catch rate needed to survive. That is becoming more and more difficult as their location is betrayed.

photos by Adri de Visser

photos by Adri de Visser

He also tells that this has changed the behavior of cheetahs. Where they where used to kill their prey before they start eating, they now already start eating while the prey is still alive. “Just because they are in a hurry”: says van Rijs.

The film is mainly about young cheetahs who are learning to survive and to hunt. During the movie you can see how the playful young animals are changing suddenly into a beast what might very well kill.

A short impression can be found here:

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