Bird life of Rubondo Island

Rubondo is an island in Lake Victoria where you will witness in amazement:

      • the great diversity of beautiful waterfowls
      • the presence of many ospreys
      • big quantities of colourful birds and butterflies
      • elephants, girafs, pythons, monkeys, antelopes, crocodiles and hippos

Ready for little Paradises on Earth?

Arusha-Ngorongoro-Serengeti-Mwanza Rock City-Lake Victoria-Rubondo Island-Lake Tanganyika-Gombe

This Mindfulness safari will make you experience an unforgettable meeting with our Masaï friends in Ngorongoro and help you trace for Lions, Cheetas, Leopards, Giraffes, Elephants and more at Serengeti. From there we will show you two great Lake areas in Tanzania. First we will visit Mwanza Rock City. After sailing and hiking at Rubondo Island, enjoying the diversity of birds, you will be surprised by Hippos coming ashore after 5.00 pm and be impressed by face to face meetings with Bushbocks, Impalas and Gazelles which stare at you with their big wonderlingly eyes. A Crocodile will slowly pass if you pay attention. Later you will walk through the Rainforest, searching for Chimpansees, which hang lazy in their tree or intensily panic when the Alpha male joins them.

If it was possible to calm down your thoughts and be fully part of this peaceful liveliness around you. But your thoughts keep talking to you like they allways do. Do you want to discover what is needed to go through life in a more relaxed way, while you enjoy an adventurous safari in Tanzania with everything to it? You are invited in a double adventure among friends, who are willing just like you to find a deeper relaxation towards life and at the same time feel more alive and joyful.

The wild nature in Africa, the walks, meditations and sharings with your fellow travellers will help you to become more free of restricting habits in your daily life. You will learn to shift from your thoughts to your senses, which feels like waking up from a deep sleep. Also you will be shown what is needed to live more from the heart, which will create better relationships. You can change your life, if only you know what to do.

Meditation and yoga are weaven through the program. You do not need meditation experience to join us, because people will be able to experience meditations and exercises on their own level.

Travel schedule Mindfulness Yoga Retreat

Day 1

You will arrive at Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania. You will be picked up by us and brought to L’Oasis Meserani just outside Arusha where you will spend the night. L’Oasis is a place with a real soul. The last seventeen years, it has been built up by Margret; she’s a Tanzanian lady and she did this with heart and soul. She also has her own organic vegetable garden and animals which makes it extra special. Also the place is functioning on solar.

Day 2

This day has most of all a Mindful character. We are doing this program in morning and evening and we create a solid bottom for the coming weeks. After an early lunch we will depart to Karatu, the last town before we enter Ngorongoro. While we make the necessary arrangements for being allowed to enter Ngorongoro you can have a look at this red town and visit the market or buy a nice shuka that will nourish you during your safari. You will spend your night at Flamingo Campsite.

Day 3

We will leave early to start our journey to Endonyowas in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. Our Masaï friends will have prepared a heartwarming welcome for you. It will be a special meeting. Endonyowas is not a fake Tourist village but an authentic village where Masaï are living a simple and sometimes hard life to survive. The circumstances have dramatically changed and they know they have to develop to save aspects of their culture. This is one of the reasons why they are very open to show you their culture, their lifestyle, some activities and gladly exchange with you during a cup of tea. We think you will not lightly forget this day. In the afternoon we will drive to Seronera in the heart of Serengeti. We will allready spot wild animals while we are on the way. We will sleep in Seronera in our lightweighted tents with comfortable matrasses. Also we will enjoy a meal made by our own cook.

Day 4 and 5

olifant en leeuwen

It is possible to do two gamedrives today. During that gamedrives you will try to trace lions, leopards, girafs, cheetas and other wild animals. Depending on the season it is possible to hear the pounding hooves of animals known as migration. Ater the morning gamedrive you will enjoy a Mindful program. At night you will stay at a public campsite amongst the wild and listen to strange, tropical sounds from the immediate surroundings. These campsites have enough space for us to do yoga and other exercises or meditations to stretch our bodies after the gamedrives. And you should not be surprised if Impalas, Warthogs, Mongoose or Buffalos walk through our eyesight during our Meditation.

In the morning of day 5  there’s another gamedrive in the heart of Serengeti, after which we will depart to Mwanza Rock City; a lively town bordering Lake Victoria. You will spend two nights in the Lahe Hotel close to the Lake. In the evening we will have dinner at the Lahe Hotel.

Day 6

Mwanza Bismarck rockToday we’ll go for a nice hike at Mwanza City. You can visit the famous ‘ skopjes’ of which the ‘Bismarck Rock’ is the most well-known. You will probably come eye to eye with one of the ‘Maraboe Storcks’ of Mwanza. You will also be taken to the lively market of Mwanza and the Masai market. Weary but fulfilled you can relax back in the hotel, dress nicely for a romantic dinner at the Tilapiahotel while you enjoy the view across the bay.

Day 7 and 8

We will leave early for Rubondo. Rubondo is an island in Lake Victoria where we will go to see a big diversity for birds and nice walks. During a special boat trip we will see birds closeby, we will pass ‘crocodile island’ and will probably come across some hippos. We will be dropped off on the island together with our own cook to camp for the night. Hippos will be seen grazing in the grass right in front of you. We will make a big fire in front of our tents to garantee our safety.

The Campsite at Rubondo is a great place for a profound meditation. The privacy, the view, the silence will be great to connect with ourselves.
So day 8 we will take time for exercises and meditation. We will make a nice walk with a guide of the Island, have lunch and catch the boat later that day to Chato village where Rama will pick us up to bring us in 3,5 hours to Kibondo where we will spend the night at a Camp where the United Nations army stayed to give shelter to refugees from Burundi and Rwanda in the past. It is a nice place with much history.

Day 9

Jakobson beachAfter our morningmeditation and breakfast we will have a travelday to Kigoma. This is about 6 hours driving. During this safari we have enough breaks, Mindful assignments and stops at great viewpoints in the Mountains. In Kigoma you will be brought to Jakobsen Beach and Guesthouse. Jakobsen is a simple but very nice guesthouse located at a very beautiful area at Lake Tanganyika. You can relax and swim here. Nice detail is that many zebras are living in the area. There is a good chance we will meet them.

Day 10 and 11

We will leave to Gombe National Park by boat. Gombe National Park is an area next to Lake Tanganyika where Jane Goodall did her research on chimpansees. Two hours after departure you will arrive in paradise with amazing sunsets and a beautiful place to swim or sit on the beach surrounded by the jungle behind you. Gombe National Park cannot be reached by mainland, only through the jungle. Many groups of chimpansees live in the jungle. We will spend time looking for hem. Quitely observing the behaviour of the chimpansees will be unforgetable and exciting. Don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful walk through the tropical forest. You can also join in a birdwatching tour or visit a waterfall.
You will spend two nights in a new, simple and nice hotel.

Day 12 and 13

After breakfast we will return to Kigoma by boat. We will travel by jeep to Tabora where we will spend the night. Tabora is a town with many stories from the time slaves were walking all the way from Kigoma to Dar Es salaam to be transported with boats to Europe and America. Tabora has a museum. We can decide to go there. You will sleep that night in the Orion Hotel.

De volgende ochtend vertrekken we heel vroeg naar Arusha. Het wordt een bijzondere Mindful reisdag. In Arusha wordt je naar een heerlijk hotel gebracht om bij te komen van je reis. Ilboru Safari Lodge ligt op de helling van Mount Meru en heeft fijne kamers, een groot zwembad, twee leuke winkeltjes, een fantastische uitstraling en een heerlijke menukaart (probeer de tortillachips met guacamole vooral uit).

Early in the morning we will travel back to Arusha. We will take you to Safari Lodge in Ilboru, which is situated on the slope of Mount Meru. Safari Lodge is being run by the Dutch Annelies. It has very nice rooms, a good menu (try tortilla chips and guacamole) a big swimming pool a good atmosphere and two nice shops to relax after a long trip.

Day 14

Ilboru Safari LodgeToday we will escort you back to Kilimanjaro airport to fly back home. In case you have a night flight it is possible to join us on a city tour in Arusha. It will be nice to see the markets, the shops, the musea and in general to experience the streetlife.

Safari njema, karibu tena (a good safari home and welcome again)