Dream away at Saanane

A one night mini adventure at Saanane

Close to Mwanza you can find Saanane National Park. It is the smallest National Park in Tanzania. The Island is great for walking around and offers you multiple views over Lake Victoria. After being in the wild nature of Tanzania, it is fun to be able to approach zebras, monkeys and impalas so closely, especially for kids. These animals have no natural enemies on this island and therefore are very tame.
Many people enter the island in the morning by boat and leave at the end of the afternoon. There is no accommodation for the night and just a little store for some drinks.

But when everybody leaves, you have the chance to be alone on the Island or spend quality time with your family or friends around the campfire. Sunsets can be spectacular on Saanane.
Impalas are lying like statues next to your tents in the evening, their eyes glancing like stars when you shine your flashlight in the dark. In the morning they run and jump around you when a beautiful new day has begun.

Saanane Fish Eagle Saanane Zebra Saanane Vervet MonkeyCamping at Saanane
Heroe Adventure organizes for you an overnight on this quiet island. You enter Saanane around noon and you leave the next day around the same time. Of course you can stay more days if you want.

You can pay yourself for entree fees, camping fees and boat at the entrance of this Park.

And we offer you:
* a complete camping equipment (tents, matrasses, gas, plates, cups etc.)
* a cook
* all food and drinks (tea, coffee and juice)

Included: Bush camp between impalas, dancing rocks view, campfire at night, being very close to wild animals.

Enjoy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere during your stay at Saanane National Park