Ngorongoro, back to the roots

A trekking through one of world’s most pure and magical landscapes

Ngorongoro, named after the sound of a cowbell. To be here and to walk here is beyond imagination. Space is stretching itself out, giving you a glimp of infinity. Silence is falling upon you like a warm blanket.

While walking an old Masaï trail for four days (3-6 hours a day) through breathtaking landscapes, you will sleep under the stars in lightweight tents, enjoy delicious meals conjured up by our cook, witness a romantic sunset, wake up by the sound of a roaring leopard or scrabbling hyenas and listen to a symphony of birdsongs coming from the in the bush.

Then you know
Life is beautiful

There is nothing to do but to receive life’s exceptional gift of Ngorongoro Crater Highlands

Will you join us?

A tailor made safari

The day schedule below is organized from Mwanza Rock City in Tanzania. It is possible to adjust this schedule and costs according to where you live and your wishes. For example you can depart from Arusha. Or you can do two days walking instead of four days. Also you can take the car with you until you reach Nayobi. From there you only need donkeys for two days. Contact us for a tailor made safari.

Day 1  On your way

NgorongoroWe pick you up at your home or hotel early in the morning. Today is a travelday. Our cook will bring a lunchbox for you. We will spend the night at Flamingo Campsite in Karatu. Karatu is the last town before you enter Ngorongoro Conservation Area through the gate. We allready use the tents and the campsite provides clean toilets and showers. Our cook will prepare for you his first dinner.
If you have time try to buy a Masaï shuka. During the evenings it will give you extra warmth while you are sitting at the campfire.

Day 2 Hiking to Bulati

Early in the morning you will enter the gate. Many times baboons will welcome your break. After driving 2,5 hours you will reach Olmoti village close to Olmoti Crater. Your guide will join you here. Heroe Adventure has a very personal relationship with Masaï in this region. We are connected with their lifes, slept in their bomas, ate their food. We sponsor young children from their community to go to school and we support them in providing some income. We know your guides personally and we choose the social, friendly and care taking guys to travel with you.

If you planned to do the whole trekking with donkeys, we will transfer your luggage on donkeys at Olmoti.
This afternoon you will make your first walk from Olmoti to Bulati. It will take about 6 hours to reach this Masaï boma situated at the rim of Embulbuul depression. You will sleep at the rim and enjoy a more then beautiful view. Try to open your tent in the middle of the night. Big chance you will see something spectacular especially if there is a moon and little clouds.

Day 3  Hiking to Empakai Crater

In the morning it will be cold. So there is no need to get up early. Your walk to Empakai will be about 3,5 hours. You can take your lunch at the crater rim. After lunch you are invited to walk into the crater (about one hour) to enjoy a nice path down, admire some very huge, ancient trees and wonderful lake views. Stay as long as you like at the lake and if your lucky a group of flamingos will parade in front of you.
tree Empakai NgorongoroIn the evening you can sit around the fire, sheltered by the bush to relax and enjoy each others compagny. In the night you can hear the sounds of wild animals like leopards or hyenas in the bush.

Day 4  Hiking at Great Rift Valley

In the morning you start the beautiful walk to Akesha Campsite. It will take about 6 hours again. On the way you will pick up with the deep crack which is a part of the Great Rift Valley. You will pass Nayobi village where you need to take a break. It is possible to take a soda here, while you relax and enjoy the view on Oldonyo Lengai (the Mountain of God) or the village activities. The women of Nayobi will approach you to sell their jewelry. After this rest you will continue your walk. You will pass some bomas and children are herding the cows and goats. Finally you will enter a lovely, peaceful area where Akesha trees are growing. A typical starry sky will watch over you this night.

Day 5  Hiking to Lake Natron

The guide will tell you to wake up very early. You best leave at 6.00 am. Your walk will be about 6 hours again and you are descending the highlands to enter the gorgious dessert of lake Natron. This trip is breathtaking in many ways. After you have crossed the river, you will be picked up by our landcruiser and brought to a very nice campsite with swimming pool. You can have lunch here and relax. In the afternoon you can make the beautiful and playful walk to the romantic waterfall closeby. You can swim here and have a look at the other side of the waterfall, which is a lovely experience.

Day 6  Lake Natron

Lake NatronIn the morning the guide of Lake Natron will pick you up to drive or walk with you to the lake. When you walk it is very possible you will meet some animals on the way, like giraffes or zebras. At the lake you can witness the largest colony of flamingos in the world. Their funny sounds, beautiful colours and typical movements are great to see. Also the landscape is wonderful.
After your lunch it is time to start your journey to home. In the afternoon you will travel to Mto wa Mbu or further if time allows that. You will sleep at Migombani Campsite. Our cook will prepare your dinner.

Day 7  Back home

Today is a travelday. We will provide lunch for you and wish you a nice ride back home.
We hope you will feel overwhelmed and fulfilled by this unique trekking through breathtaking landscapes, complete silence and infinite space. We also hope Ngorongoro has given you a deeper relaxation and peacefulness inside.

Karibu tena