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Nobody home

“When the modern, western human knocks on the door of his own house, he will find nobody home” Noam Chomsky Two little dogs On my way to the supermarket, I see them sniffling around with their little noses in a termite mound. Two very small street dogs looking restless for food, just below the gate […]

You have to fulfill my needs!

This video shows a common reality in Congo. But in Tanzania, it is the same. The abuse of women is based on the belief a woman is the possession of her husband. Please watch it. It is worthwhile to see. Watching this video you probably will feel sad, bewildered and maybe angry because you are […]

Mindfulness hiking

Hiking in nature If I am confronted with an issue that triggers much resistance inside me, then I withdraw and start mindfulness hiking in nature. With resistance I mean I am getting ready for the battle. I give space to all the stories that my mind wants to share with me and I try to […]

Happy-go-lucky lives in the heart

Energy will flow where you bring your attention. When your attention is pointed at your head, then your energy will go to your head. When you focus on your heart, then your energy will follow and enter your heart.   If you are focussed on the qualities of your head for a longer time, you are […]

Personal Leadership, can I?

Personal Leadership, Can I? “Yes Alina”: says my friend and guide Rama. “If something uncomfortable happens to me, I am not concerned with the reasons why, looking back to the past, complaining about this or blaming others. I focus immediately on the solution. It has already happened”. “Personal leadership in my opinion is the skill […]

All kids until four are genius

All kids until four are genius. By the time they are ten years old, only 10% is genius. By the time they are 30 years old, we are talking about only 2%. This is the confronting, shocking outcome of a big long running American research. It is true. Of course it is true. It is […]

Reality or illusion, what do you choose?

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away” Philip K. Dick All day long your mind is talking to you, thousands of messages are passing by. It all works completely mechanical and automatic. They arise and disappear by itself. Regularly every day you get stuck to it because you believe […]

Maria Goos on mindfulness safari

(Maria Goos is a well known writer in the Netherlands. Her travelstory can be read in the magazine ZIN (March 8-April 4, 2018 – in dutch) Surrender versus sane criticism “Marcel tells me again “to start to surrender to what may come”, and not to be so critical. He emphasizes that we are experiencing things […]

Maasai women right’s in Tanzania

International women’s day The emancipation of Maasai women in Tanzania still has a long way to go. In the cities is some movement. Especially young women are becoming aware of the sex differences because of the internet and sometimes in their contact with Western people. In modern Tanzania having one woman and monogamy has become […]

The tree and the prudish flowers

An ode to my best and wise friend in Tanzania When I finish a phonecall with Rama, we useually end with a time-consuming goodbye ritual, which I complete with joy out of respect for him. I see it as a Tanzanian tradition, but to my surprise I catch Rama more then once not even saying […]