Alina de Vilder

Alina de Vilder

Founder & coach

After having worked for 25 years as a therapist, teacher hypnotherapy and personal development at the Academy for Naturopathy, counsellor at a high school and later as a meditation teacher, I ended up unexpectedly in Tanzania. My involvement and educative support of the Masaï in Ngorongoro, gradually moved to the start of Mindful Adventure in 2013. From there I invite people to the breathtaking “of the beaten track” areas in Tanzania where nature still is wild and pristine, where space is stretching endlessly and silence bringing your thoughts at rest. For me as a meditation teacher, these authentic surroundings are the perfect background to take you on an inward journey, to take everything that’s old and outdated out of your backpack and to fill it with a refreshing clarity and an inspiring look into the direction you want to go.

It is my mission to bring you in touch with the adventure that life is supposed to be. You have the ability of clarity, creativity, renewal a deeper mission, free spirit but also liveliness and joyful nature, forming the base for an inspired life, where you are taking the lead over yourself in a powerful way, and inspiring others.

Within Mindful Adventure I have the opportunity to connect my love for spiritual clarity and sense of reality, my involvement with Masaï in Ngorongoro and my respect for pure nature to inspire others, who are on their way to rediscover themselves as free human beings. Karibu (welcome at Mindful Adventure)

Rama Ama tourguide Mindful Adventure

Rama Ama

Host, guide & driver

Rama grew up in a poor family and despite that was capable to develop and better his life step by step over time. Nowadays he is director of Mindful Adventure Ltd. and accompanies Alina on the big safaris as an experienced guide and driver. Well-balanced and responsible, he has built a better life for his children and himself. Tanzanian traffic is always hectic, but Rama offers the safety that is necessary to all travellers of Heroe and Mindful Adventure. Also during safaris, Rama is the man who is approaching changing circumstances in a very practical manner, always finding a solution, so stress is minimalized as much as possible. Besides all this professional qualities Rama has a kind and understanding personality, which makes him the companion you love to have during your safari.

Ivar Berix

Ivar Berix

Team leader NL

Mindful Adventure is combining two of my greatest passions: being outdoors in nature and the process of inner growth. From a young age, I am fond of walking, silence, the fresh outdoor air and I have been exploring areas where it is possible to be alone for a long time, and where you can experience even more space. Of course there are many ways to work on development of consciousness, and I have practiced many of them over the last 30 years, but in my experience being outdoors in nature, especially in areas of great emptiness, space and silence, is offering an opportunity to experience such a process in a complete spontaneous way. Where things are being shown to you without any effort, offering clarity and insight in yourself and in humanity.

I have witnessed the beginning of Mindful Adventure and always recognized fantastic opportunities to go on safari in Tanzania, combined with the idea of a spiritual trekking, retreat, or awareness holiday, give it a name. Because of Alina moving to Tanzania in December 2018, I am mainly taking care of the commercial and practical side of Mindful Adventure in the Netherlands. I am also actively involved in the development of new ideas and safaris.

Apart from my involvement with Mindful Adventure, I have a second career; I am clarinet player in the internationally renowned chamber music group Calefax Reed Quintet – where I am also responsible for the financial side.

Proches Mwanda safari cook

Proche Mmanda

Safari Cook

Proche is sitting in his cooking tent, protected to the wind, that can be strong in the evening at the campsite. I am looking at the chaos of food and drinks around him. Proche sits proud and calm, amidst of all of this and fabricates one lovely and healthy meal after another. He knows exactly where everything is and has good attention for the hygiene. A safari cook is working hard. In the morning is gets up first, and in the evening he is the last one to go to bed. After dinner, he often has to prepare next days lunch. I have great respect for him and I am glad that the quiet, friendly, cooking wizard Proche is part of the team of Mindful Adventure.

Innocent jr tourguide Mindful Adventure

Innocent jr

Guide & driver

In Tanzania you immediately notice people have difficulty with taking initiative. There is a culture of waiting. So it really stands out when you meet an intelligent, authentic and very proactive young man. Innocent is full of creative and social inspired ideas. He lives together with his brother, who is even more innovative. Our Innocent is a young but inspired guide who will surprise you with his knowledge, captivating stories and of course he is a good and responsible driver. The best way to introduce Innocent is by sharing the words of a client:

“My guide Innocent, who has a degree in wildlife conservation and many years of experience conducting tours, is not only knowledgable and capable, but also a genuinely unique and interesting person”.

Jeff Mikkelson (VS)

Daniel Olekombeti Masai guide Ngorongoro

Daniel Olekombeti

Masaï Guide

I got to know Daniel 6 years ago, in the Masaï village Endonyowas, in the middle of the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. He stood out as one of the most handsome men of the village, but even more by his shining and excited look he was sharing generously. Unfortunately, his English was not good at that time, or I would have asked him immediately as a guide for Mindful Adventure. But he joined us anyway and while our guide Yohane was showing us the way, Daniel was working hard to pack and direct the donkeys that were carrying our luggage. At night he would join us at the campfire and ask us 1001 questions. Beautiful to see how he developed to an open young man who is trying to change, to walk the first steps to for example a more subtle intimate contact with his wife. His English improved. And now I cannot imagine a safari without the open talks and his cheerful presence. And he turns out to be such a good guide.

Dennis Munga - tourguide Usambara

Dennis Munga