Alina de Vilder

Convinced of her mission as meditation teacher and therapist (naturopath, bodywork, breathwork, hypno-and regression therapy, Clarity Proces and counselor/coach) in the Netherlands, Alina fell unexpectedly with her nose in Tanzanian butter. After a disappointing quest on the Spiritual and Therapeutic market between 1985 and 2004, she met the Clarity Proces of Jeru Kabbal a profound spiritual teacher. She practized his teachings on a daily basis for six years. This changed her way of looking at life radically. In essence she learned to make a sharp distinction between the world perceived from the perspective of our mind and the world as it shows itself from the perspective of our senses. Our mind follows a script which is programmed in early years and endlessly repeats itself, even if reality is totaly different. The adventure life in fact is, gets lost in the compulsive need for security. By learning to see through it, she freed herself from this script, jumped into the unknown and found herself back in an exciting African Adventure. She founded in 2013 a unique Safari company named Mindful Adventure.

Within Mindful Adventure she can connect her love for spiritual clarity, her involvement with Masaï in Ngorongoro and her respect for pure nature to inspire others, who are on their way to rediscover themselves as free human beings.

Msafiri Mosses Kivuyo portrait

Msafiri Mosses Kivuyo

Msafiri is a young professional guide and driver.He is a Masaï that grew up in Arusha. His name means ‘traveller’.He is proud of his heritage despite the hard life that came with it. More then anything he longs to be more free in his life. This sense of being free gives him a natural and strong connection with truth. He follows his heart with Mindful Adventure and has been working hard to organize all practical aspects of the Safaris in Tanzania. He speaks good English and a little French.He wil provide you with all information about the people, landscapes, culture, history and off course the flora and fauna of his country. Sitting around the fire he can tell you many stories about the history and traditions of the Masaï. His humor and typical Msafiri laugh will be remembered by you when you return home.

Rama Ama

Rama grew up in a poor family and has been able to slowly develop over time and has become an experienced driver and safari man as he is now. Well-balanced and responsible, he has built a better life for his children and himself. There are always risks in Tanzanian traffic, but Rama offers the safety that is necessary to all travellers of Mindful Adventure. Also during Safari, Rama is the man who is approaching changing circumstances in a very practical manner, always finding a solution so stress is minimalized as much as possible. Rama is very capable of connecting which is very nice. Whether it is nature, music or a conversation, Rama makes contact.

Yohane MasaI

Yohane Sundai

I met Yohane (26) during my visits to the Masaï village Endonyowas in Ngorongoro, where we are also sponsoring the local school. Yohana often translated for me. By age 25 he finished high school on the highest level, which is quite an achievement for people from the Masaï tribe.  Since the first safari, Yohane has been our guide through his homeland Ngorongoro. He stands out in responsibility, a great control over his team and care for our travellers. With support of former travellers of Mindful Adventure, Yohane is now studying biology and chemistry at the University of Dar Es Salaam.