Travel Schedule

Day 1

We will meet you at the airport and take you to Kijiji Resort for a good rest, swim and relaxing time. You will stay there for two nights. Bungalow with garden view.

Day 2

Streetlife Dar Es Salaam

Streetlife of Dar Es Salaam

Today you will be taken on a guided half tour in the old town of Dar Es Salaam. You can enjoy the streetlife, historical places and stories, shops, markets and restaurants.

Day 3

In the morning we will depart with jeeps to Lushoto in Usambara Mountains. Usambara is one of our favourite places in Tanzania. Nature is beautiful and the views are wonderful. There is a big chance you will see a breathtaking sunset.
You will spend two nights at The Lawns hotel based on double rooms.

Day 4

Today we shall drop you off at a certain place in the Usambara mountains. From there you will walk and be guided to Mambo Viewpoint. From there you will enjoy a great view over the planes. On top you have a very good chance to enjoy a spectacular sunset.  Afterwards we will escort you back to Lushoto.

Day 5

We leave the mountains behind us and make a ride to Tanga. Tanga is a lovely coastal town. Life is taken as a leisurely pace. To walk the streets is a very joyful multicultural experience. Many people are spending the afternoon and evening outside. They have social meetings with each other, play games, join the group for singng like in a parade. Tanga is very much alive. You will spend two nights at the Panori Hotel in Tanga.

Before arriving in Tanga we will visit Ngomeni-Mnyusi Village project. This is a popular non-profit organisation.

Visit to Ngomeni -Mnyusi Village project which means: “Bring HOPE to the village”
This village was established before independence of Tanzania. It is a remote village located in the Eastern Usambara Mountains and 295 km from Dar es Salaam.
The nearest primary and nursery schools are 6km from the village. The nearest health clinic is 12.5km. There is lack of accessible education, health care and agricultural resources keep a village in a state of hardship and poverty. Most people of Ngomeni village speak Swahili, though traditional tribal languages can be heard such as Zigua, Sambaa, Bondei and Makonde.


“My goal for this giving back project is to promote cultural tourism in Ngomeni village and to use the funds raised to help create sustainable and accessible health care, education and agriculture, thereby helping the villagers improve their quality of life. I feel the project will help create more friendship between the tourists and the local people in the village”.

Fadhily Kirua-Founder.


All the money from your village tour will end up supporting project’s goals. Anyone willing to support the kids can keep in touch through email;

Day 6

Close to Tanga you can find the Amboni caves. The Amboni Caves are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa. The caves were formed about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic age. It covers an area of 234 km². According to researchers the area was under water some 20 million years ago. There are altogether ten caves but only one is used for guided tours. We will visit these caves and we will also enjoy a cultural tour through Tanga today.
You will spend two nights at Panori Hotel in Tanga Town.
Price based on a double room

Day 7

After breakfast you will depart Tanga for a short drive to Peponi. In the afternoon you will visit a Sisal plantation.
You will spend two nights at Peponi Beach Resort.

Pangani Tanzania

Silver Tour: two nights camping plus breakfast

Gold Tour: Standard Banda plus breakfast and dinner.

Day 8

Sunset at Pangani

Sunset at Pangani

In the morning we will take you to visit a local school at Bushiri. Bushiri is a rural inland village halfway towards Pangani. Later that afternoon we shall return to Peponi Beach Resort.

Day 9

After breakfast we will depart to Pangani and onward to Ushongo Bay for three nights.

Pangani is a village at the seashore. It is a quiet place and we will enjoy to walk over the white sandy beaches. Later in the afternoon we will go for a Tour through the village to hear more about its history.

In the early evening  before dinner we will arrive at Ushongo Bay and you will spend three nights at Drifters Lodge.

Silver Tour: simple banda for two persons ( not ensuite )

Gold Tour: Sea View Semi Ensuite Cottage for two persons

Day 10

Today you will experience a guided sand bank excursion. Enjoy!

Day 11

Today it is possible to visit a local library project at Ushongo.

Day 12

A safari to Tanzania would not be complete without a game drive in one of the National Parks. Mark has chosen Saadani for you. Saadani is special because it is located at the sea. You might be able to see green turtles, whales and dolphins. Also there are mammals like lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, warthogs and waterbucks.
At night we will cook for ourselves while we camp close to Saadani village in the Park.Elephant Saadani Park Tanzania
Saadani village once was an important harbour-town and slave trading centre in East Africa. Now it is a small Swahili village with about 800 inhabitants whose livelihood is mostly fishing.

You will spend one night at Mkwaja Beach Lodge

Day 13

We enjoy another game drive today. Later that afternoon we will leave the Park to sleep at Bagamoyo.

Silver Tour: One night at a local guesthouse with the lovely name Mary Nice Place, situated close to the beach

Gold Tour: One night at Firefly Lodge; Deluxe double room with sea view based on 2 persons

Day 14

Pole pole… Today we have to leave for the ride back to Dar Es Salaam.

Silver Tour: We will bring you to the Sleep Inn Kariakoo and you are free to spend your time as you like.

Gold Tour: Golden Tulip City Center; Deluxe room

Day 15

We will take you to the airport in time for your flight home.

Please note!

It is possible to upgrade accomodations of this Tour. Therefore Mark has divided the costs into a silver and gold Tour.

This  silver Tour will cost:

        • 2 persons: $ 3590.- or € 3380,- (private safari) pp
        • 3 persons: $ 2675,- or € 2520,- pp
        • 4 or more persons: $ 2125,- or € 1999,- pp

This  gold Tour will cost:

        • 2 persons: $ 3885.- or € 3655,- (private safari) pp
        • 3 persons: $ 2975,- or € 2799,- pp
        • 4 or more persons: $ 2430,- or € 2290,- pp

These costs are approx and may change due to seasonality

This amount must be paid in euros.

Not included: food (except breakfast), drinks, visa, tips ($ 20 driver/guide p/d) and flight ticket