Cancer is the physical call for total self acceptance

From an early age you were exposed to thousands of adjusting suggestions from your culture, your family, your religion, your school and your peers. Because you completely were dependent on that environment you were extremely sensitive to those messages about who and how you should be. You will be, if you are honest to yourself, still be determined in your expressions by what others  might find about you. That way you are living the shaduw of who you truly are.

silhouette wilde hond

by Travis Bester

What thoughts are going through your mind? What is driving them? How many negative thoughts you have today? Are you telling yourself that you must be positive all the time and do you demand to be able to feel this every day? Are you telling yourself that you have to be strong and are not allowed to complain? Read more

Extatic singing and dancing with Masaï

The first time I got acquainted with traditional ongs of Masaï, was during the descent of Olmoti Crater in Ngorongoro Tanzania. During a three day visit of the family of the Masaï warrior that i sponsored to become a teacher, I was climbing its steep, overgrown slope together with him and his friend. On the way back they started to chant a rhythmic beat. The low range immediatly led to a more firm step. Enjoyed by the unexpected support during walking, I did several attempts to produce the same sound from within my belly but I failed.
Still it touched me deeply to find myself walking in the middle of the pure, wild nature of Tanzania at the rhythm of their ancient vocals.
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