Look! A man living with up to 148 women

We were driving by bus from Arusha to Ngorongoro when O, the Masaï guy I sponsored, nudged me and said: “look Alina, those manyattas (huts) against the foot of the mountain. An old man is living over there with up to 148 women”. His voice sounded to my idea in awe and it was not clear to me if this came out of respect or jealousy. He told me that a polygamous Masaï man with many women was a rich man. Not because he had so many beautiful women but because he has had in its possession sufficient cows to pay the dowry. I looked at the village, the dozens of shacks close to each other and I wondered what was happening indoors. Would those women be happy or squabbling, would he divides his attention right or withdraw certain women for it? I did not yet dare to ask O by that time. Read more

The “here and now” is no goal

Since Eckhardt Tolle wrote his popular book “the power of now”, the “here and now” became a goal for many of us. If you believe the “here and now” is the goal, you will easily believe that it does not matter what you do there as long as you are doing it in the “here and now”. In a way this is true. But it is important to understand that the here and now is not the goal but a gate. What’s behind that gate is unconsciously quite threatening to you. All reason for you to stay before that gate as long as you can. Read more

Masaï vrouw met baby

Vulnerable and helpless

Last week I have posted pictures of vulnerable young animals on facebook. You could see a small hippo sandwiched between two strong, caring, full grown hippos. You could see two vulnerable young grey squirrels searching for warmth and shelter with each other. We see a young baboon in the protective shelter of the arms and body of its mother. It is looking at her with innocent, interrogative eyes. We see a wildebeast mother who is desperatly fighting for the life of her calf, who has no chance on its own against a bunch of wild dogs. Read more