African sunsets

It is often said by many, many people that Africa has sunsets like nowhere else in the world.

We travelled many years through Tanzania and we have been silently sitting together in Usambara Mountains. On a rock scary high above the plains of Nothern Tanzania we saw the clouds break, to give father sun its rightful place to show its power and its glory. Then the dark mouth of Hyena opened up and swallowed it all, leaving us behind with a peaceful mind. Read more

Amsterdam, Waffles and Junglebook

Oh I can not stop it. I should not do it, I know. This is a blog of a serious company Mindful Adventure. Don’t do it………. Don’t Alina…….
Remember this?

He flaps, what we’re gonna do?
I don’t know, what do you want?
I got it….let’s play over this side of the gum
I have always liked a little action, a little swing scene or what?
I don’t know…
oh don’t start that again! Read more

Survival friends in Africa

Seven years ago I travelled for the first time to Africa. I was attracted by the wild nature, the silence, the emptiness, camping in the wild, meeting animals and African music. One of the places we visited was Chobe National Park in Botswana. It was a water paradise and while we were sitting in a boat, we suddenly saw White Egret standing straight up but miraculously floating through the reeds. An unusual survival technique we thought. It had the same effect as Julie Christie standing straight at a Venice gondola in Don’t look now as the widow of Donald Sutherland. It made us laugh but then we saw the cause of this image. Egrets floating had nothing to do with a sort of supernatural event. The big, ponderous body of Hippo came to the surface and carried our lackey majestically,

Years later in Tanzania more of these symbiotic friendships between different species  catched our eyesight. There is a sweet alliance between Zebra and Wildebeast. The Wildebeast don’t smell very well, while Zebra has a great smell. Zebra though, doesn’t have much eyesight, but Wildebeast has. So Zebra can smell danger while Wildebeast can see it. Together, they can help one another flee from predators.

By Brina Bunt

By Brina Bunt

I will never forget our ride at Tarangire National Park. We were close to a river with high sides. Suddenly Wildebeast appeared. It stood firmly between two trees overlooking the area. Another one showed up, watched carefully, entered the water and took its position on the other side of the river. He was looking so strong, standing there firmly. Then all of a sudden many Zebras emerged, galloping, moving down, jumping in the water, playing, frolic and cheerful. They gave quite a show. And all the time Wildebeasts were standing motionless like temple guards, doing their job in this Survival game.

Buffalo_Oxpecker_Maasai Mara_Adri de VisserAnother beautiful couple is Buffalo and Oxpecker. Oxpecker feeds with lice and ticks from Buffalo skin. But what makes them more then welcome is the fact that they scream when predators are closeby. In exchange they get food, protection and of course free transportation, most welcome for their survival. Sceneries like these are just one of many unexpected, enjoyable surprises Tanzania brings you during a Safari. You never know what will come to you. Together we are part of a tracing adventure, our attention with our senses, completely relaxing and thrilling.

Fear of the positive

When you think about fears, you maybe think about unpleasant things. Things like losing your job, your partner, your house, your children. eendje by KanarYou maybe think about the fear to lose control or being alone, not to fit in or to get ill. In Africa there will be fear of hunger or thirst, coldness or dry periods. But what about the fear to live fully?
Do you recognize this?
* you are breathing up into the chest instead of relaxed into the belly
* you danced wild at a party or sang loud on Karaoke and the next day you feel ashamed. What did I do? What will other people think of me?
* Do you recognize how scary it is to look somebody in the eyes longer then a brief moment? In Tanzania nobody looks each other in the eyes. It is considered respectless. Msafiri and I tried to do it one time. A strong shyness came up. It was terrible to him.


Many of our fears have to do with good feelings, good sensations, like feeling alive, being expressive, being spontaneous, being wild, being powerful or free in movement, to enjoy or to be truly happy. People even can be afraid to be intelligent, enthousiastic, loving, touching, to be honest, to take lead or to come forward. You can call it in general a fear of the positive.

It has all to do with memories from your childhood. Somehow you felt rejected on positive qualities you had. A nice example in secondary school is the phenomenon that young people with high marks are easily called studs or nerds. The message is clearly, don’t be too bright. Many children under social pressure will get their results down. And later in life they will feel tension when they have to give a presentation about the good work they did.


Fear of the positive is the most difficult fear to overcome. Every time you pass it, you will feel completely vulnerable, which is hard to endure. You really need to be persistent not to run back in the safe old fears. That is why it is important to join a group of people that are supportive and know what happens to you.

During our safaris you maybe will meet fear of wild animals or inconvenience when we meet local people. But also the vulnerability of real contact, be quiet together, move freely, to be open and honest and to show yourself. But isn’t it wonderful to join people who allow you to be yourself?

And wild animals? It is very possible that they are more scared of you then you of them.