The distinction between an adult and a child

You could say we have two divided parts in ourselves. One part of us is centered around the experiences of the adult that we are, connected to what is really happening in this moment, in reality as it is happening right now. The other part of us is centered around past experiences. This part of us is like an automatic pilot acting and responding out of past conditioning. We believe our history is a good thing, helping us to find our way through life and protecting us from all dangers crossing our path.
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The Tanzanian Tina Turner

Sitting as a teenager in my only jeans on the couch. Watching Top Pop at Friday evenings with my brother before going out. Sometimes we had to listen for weeks to terrible songs on nr 1. They just would not leave this position.  Every week by example we rockers had to endure Marvin Gaye with his slimy, faky (in our ears) song sexual healing. Read more

African music to support daily work

“One tone does not create music yet, you need different tones to bring harmony to the music”

(The thinking of the Dogon, 365 African sayings)

The African traditional musical styles are almost always intended for dance or the support of repeated movements during daily work. In their dance they show movements like picking berry’s, cutting trees or ploughing the earth. A lot of music served the encouragement and synchronisation of workers. Also it has this special character of question and answer. Read more