How spacey is Mindful Adventure?

Before booking a client asked me on phone: “How spacey are you”?  I had to smile because from the perspective of meditation it is exactly the other way around. Not the one who meditates is dreaming but the one who is living his life on automatic pilot, without taking moments to see his thoughts, feelings, motivations, resistances and other mindmovements is far from realistic. The aim of any meditation is to make a very clear distinction between our fantasies and reality. Many people think they are sometimes fantasising. In reality we do it all the time and we are rarely aware of reality. Read more

“Never touch a dog in Tanzania, really?”

Today I saw some terrible pictures of peeled dogs hanging at robes in China; skinny, emaciated, broken dogs in cages after a life of harshness and cruelty. It makes me think of Tanzania and the terrible lifes most dogs have to endure. They do not eat dogs but most people have no means to take care of them. The character of these Tanzanian dogs in general is incredibly sweet. How is it possible to remain that quality of sweetness in such bad circumstances? Read more

Iworry “One every 15 minuts”

Every Safari we meet Elephants; small ones, huge ones. Elephants alone or in groups. Peaceful or tense Elephants. Elephants meeting Lions and challenging them. Elephants playing and splashing in the river. Elephants getting extatic when they jump in the waves at Sea. Elephants silently passing a Campsite by night, majestic and peaceful. Elephants protecting Read more

You can not relax without accepting feelings

It is at times a painful observation, all those people in the world that are so afraid to have feelings. Most of us have negative convictions on feelings. The influence of religion, culture, society, school and parents is huge. Feelings are associated with weakness, dependency, annoying, hysterical, childish, inferior, oversensitive, limitless, pathetic, unhappy, threatning and problematic. Being positive is highly valued and became a new way to exile half of our emotional life to the dump. To make space for our fears, anger, powerlesness and sadness evokes resistance in Afrika and still in Europe as well. Read more