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The adventure of your life

Adventure means to leave your safe well known world behind to enter a new and unknown world. When you step in, you will never know what you will meet on the way. It can be totally surprising.

The beauty of Africa awaits our sincere attention

Most safaris to Africa follow a similar pattern. They take you on a whirl wind trip in a jeep from one highlight to another, passively sitting for many hours, staying in luxurious resorts and eating western food. Travelling that way you are missing real interaction with local people and life in East Africa. Many times you will be brought to a local tribe, that will serve you a fake show for some food or dollars.

“Mindful Adventure” however, brings people together. We will support our travelers to connect with wild life and the local people of East Africa in a more profound way. We would like to see them touched and enjoy pure adventure. Pure means that we offer a tour that shows highlights, as well as exploring the uniqueness of the locals, tribes, flora and fauna, villages, towns, restaurants and accommodations. To do so we will tempt you to leave the jeeps and luxurious resorts behind.

Mindful means that our special attention is focussed to provide for you an active (walking/biking) and also peaceful and relaxing tour to reach a sincere experience of your safari.

We offer simple but profound meditation- en yoga techniques to support this proces. When you return home you will have understood what is necessary to reach a level of more relaxation in your daily life.

What to expect during a mindfulness nature safari with Mindful Adventure? Watch the following video!

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Why Mindful Adventure?

Mindful Adventure is a friendly travel agency that takes you on beautiful safaris in East Africa. In addition, we highlight an optimal relaxation and experience of travelers. We aim for sustainable tourism.

wandeltocht ngorongoro - tanzania

Hear the voice of silence

This particular safari has everything a safari to Africa needs to provide. While walking through the stunning Crater Highlands you automatically become overwhelmed by the beauty and authenticity of the landscapes.

nijlpaard bij lake victoria tanzania

Feel the heartbeat of nature

On this tour you will find yourself lucky at once. You start with a gamedrive of three days in famous Serengeti and you will end up with a smile on your face by the funny antics of chimpanzees in Gombe National Park.

laugh while you still have teeth

Laugh while you still have teeth

Our new Christmas safari! This 15 day tour is a feast, an entertaining  discovery trip “off the beaten track” through the mountain and coastal area of Tanzania.

Usambara Tanzania

The heart touches the sky

Be crazy and fly within nine days to Kilimanjaro, put on your walking shoes for a three day walk in Usambara Mountains, splash down in Tanga at sea, chill out in Ushongo Bay, meet lions in Saadani Wildpark and fly home.

broederschap in Tanzania

Walk the Rhythm of the Earth

A 15 day walking and camping safari for men! During your trekking on an ancient Masaï trail through the magic, wild nature of Tanzania, you will be invited to say yes to the call of the wildeman en to set an irreversible step on the way back to inner kingship.

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