Safari profits

Today I was searching for hiking Safaris in Ngorongoro on Google. On top I find a Tanzanian company that offers an 8 day Trekking for € 5.872,- pp excluding international flight. And they are not the only ones that ask over the top rates. In this case it is a shameless offer. It shows greed and nothing else.

I know this trekking very well. Mindful Adventure is organizing a walking trekking too in support of the Masaï that live there.

There are no luxury accomodations there. Just like us they will have to sleep in tents and tented camps. They use jeeps and have to use a cook just like us and pay the same entree for the parks. There is no way their costs will be much higher then ours. In comparison we offer a 14 days safari for € 1990,-

And the sad thing is that almost nothing of the exorbitant profits are shared with the Masaï that live in that area.

I think travellers on Africa have to understand that many of the touroperators are motivated by money only and this will show itself in the safaris they organize.

Please choose travelorganisations with a heart for the local people and sustainable Tourism!!

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