They need something

No matter if you travel by bus, daladala or jeep, you will be amazed at first how many police control people have to endure. Three to eight times a day is no exception on a day of travel. However soon you will discover it is big business. You can not believe the crazy reasons they come up with to get money out of your pocket. Tanzanians like to say with an apologizing smile: “they need something”.

Today they wanted 10.000 tsh for crossing (just a little bit) the unbroken white line in the middle of the road. But the craziest reason they gave me was the time they complained the colour of the car as described in the car papers was not exacly fitting the real colour. Red or Cerise Red mrs? It costed me 30.000 tsh.

Now I know it is purely intimidation. Nothing will happen when you refuse. It will only cost you some extra time and a good laugh inside yourself. But I still think you better not show that to them.

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