Ever seen a Lion with a burn out?

by Jacques-Andre Dupont

by Adri de Visser

Driving in a comfortable landcruiser, watching lions hanging in a tree  or lying at its back under the tree, or sleeping on the rocks while white sunrays shine like a message of God through slowly passing clouds. Looking at a lion you can see how its body is totally in surrender to gravitation. There is not the slightest attempt to keep itself upright. Everything is down to the ground in total relaxation.

I never had the chance to fondle a lion, tickle him under his chin, tossing his manes but I am sure he will show the same enjoyment and delight as my own housecat. It is unbelievable right? The way your cat is capable of enjoying your touch from one moment to another. He never gets tired of it also. No matter what mood he is in or how much pain he endures. His body relaxes in almost every situation (except fireworks and water parties of course).

kat in wasrekHow are cats doing that? In what magical state are they in? I have some ideas about it but more important is the clear connection between their state of relaxation and their power to ecstatic delight.
You have to admit. We do not walk around on the planet like that. We are like Speedy Gonzales  feeling chased every day, hyperactive sperms who swim like crazy to get the target first. We are like flashlights penetrating the dark or you can easily call us busy bees trying to get as much honey as we can. Our lives look great, flashy and adventurous but in real many of us crash by the time they are 40.  And shockingly our teenagers are diagnosed with burn outs too nowadays.

Yes life is movement. Yes life is full of crazy, intense, creative impulses. Yes life is always new and fresh and Yes life must and can be lived to the fullest. But these movements come by itself when we maintain a state of relaxation in our being. We do not have to fight for it nor chase it. All we need to do is stay utterly relaxed by accepting things as they appear. From this fundamental acceptance arises a subtle feeling of vitality and even joy.

by Jean Goldstone

by Jean Goldstone

This inner vitality will trigger a natural movement. It seems our energy is limitless. It rises up from a relaxed, natural source like lions and other cats show us.

During our safaris you will for sure understand and experience a deeper relaxation and how to stay in that condition. It is in essence very easy if you know what to do.

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