Ton van der Lee was a young Dutch producer of movies. He worked from 7.00 am until 11.00 pm every day and his business went extremely well. He had a beautiful girlfriend and a great house at one of the canals of Amsterdam. One day he was in a meeting with colleagues at a terrace using his mobile phone and suddenly was struck by this feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. Everybody around him Lees meer

Avaaz still runs a campaign to save Elephants

Avaaz renewed its campaign to save Elephants from slaughter by poachers. Reason is the announcement of China to bring slowly down its Ivory Industry. Also it states that 10 American States are ready to accept a new law that forbids the trade in Ivory.

Right now 100 Elephants are killed each day. If this continues there will be no Elephants left by 2030 (some say 2020).
Most of  the Ivory that comes from Africa is taken illegally by poaching. They cut of the tusks with machetes and more then once the Elephants are still alive when this happens.
In many African countries the Wildlife management authorities are under-funded. Poaching is therefore a chronic problem and domestic Ivory markets continue and fuel the International Ivory Trade.
Mostly Avaaz works with petitions. This time they ask you for a donation. If you want to support this action please go to Avaaz.org (stop de uitsterving van olifanten voor Nederlandstaligen).

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Where is our Bob coming from?

The story of our housecat

You can say many people did see a lot of photos of lion cubs over the years. And their appearance is very recognizable to all of us. The photo above shows its familiar and adorable face. As a child I was allways confused about the statement that a lion was a catlike. In my childish perspective it looked more like a dog. I never spoke to people about that opinion because it was obviously not true for them. Even when I grew up I had still difficult feelings about the fact that a lion really was a cat. But today I accidentally ran into the photo below. This photo shows a very young lion cub. And I stared at it and stared again. The child inside me just could not believe it. But no way out, a lion must be the earth mother of our ordinary, cute, sometimes crazy and very lazy housecat.

welpjeSo in an attempt to escape this terrible truth, I looked it up in Wikipedia. And they tell me that our housecat is proven to be the descendant of a mix of three felines: Desertcat, Swampcat and African Wild cat.

But other sites swear it is related to Hyenas…. Hyenas?? Ever seen an Hyena cub? And another one speaks about ancestors like Sabertoothcat. But to my surprise nobody mentions a Lion.

But to me from today on it is clearly, without any doubt a lion. Right?

Dancing in Africa

Africa is music. Africa is dancing. Dancing and singing is part of their daily life and they learn young. In fact they get trained from the moment they are born. Most of the traditional dances serve a specific purpose,

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