They need something

No matter if you travel by bus, daladala or jeep, you will be amazed at first how many police control people have to endure. Three to eight times a day is no exception on a day of travel. However soon you will discover it is big business. You can not believe the crazy reasons they come up with to get money out of your pocket. Tanzanians like to say with an apologizing smile: “they need something”. Lees meer

Safari profits

Today I was searching for hiking Safaris in Ngorongoro on Google. On top I find a Tanzanian company that offers an 8 day Trekking for € 5.872,- pp excluding international flight. And they are not the only ones that ask over the top rates. In this case it is a shameless offer. It shows greed and nothing else. Lees meer

Waka Waka share the sun

For weeks the problem of a failing network and electricity is disrupting the communication between Tanzania and Holland.  Every day Msafiri is out of reach for hours. And when he is online I have to wait one to three minutes to get his message on WhatsApp (E status). It is driving us crazy sometimes. Lees meer